Belt Conveyor – Understanding The Transportation System

The belt conveyor is a material strip that endlessly moves over pulleys fixed at specific positions and is mostly used in the transportation of object and materials horizontally over a distance. It usually is made up of metal frames and have rollers placed at different distances along the conveyor’s belt. The belt sits on these rollers and is mostly made of a rubber material.

Basically, there are three types of conveyor belts available, and these are the snake sandwich, the long belt and the basic conveyor belts. The basic conveyor uses more than two pulleys while holding a lengthy and continuous piece of material. When it comes to powering, the belt can be manually or motor operated to move item. Great thing is that conveyor belts require little effort with minimal friction as they transport objects and materials.


The Basic Conveyor Belt

The basic conveyor is most common in the packaging and parcel delivery services industry. Here, the need to move object and materials from one point to another fast and with very minimal intervention by a person is essential. As such, the basic belt conveyor makes this much easier to do. The basic conveyor is mostly installed at a waist high height; improving ergonomics for better personnel interaction with object and materials. Some basic conveyors are curved, allowing the system to transport objects and materials around a corner.

The Snake Sandwich Conveyor Belt

This conveyor belt comes with two entirely separate belts which lie parallel to one another. These belts are meant to hold products as they are being moved, especially for products moving up steep inclines 90 degrees. The snake sandwich conveyor was designed back in 1979 as a means to ease the movement of rocks and other objects out of pit mines.

Its design made the snake sandwich conveyor very suitable for mining. It allowed the use of a different, available hardware and used simple principles. This meant that the conveyor could be easily repaired despite the fact that mines were situated in remote areas. Also, the conveyor made it possible to transport large volumes of materials at a constant rate over a large distance. Good thing about the snake sandwich belt is that it can be easily cleaned and is highly flexible.

The Long Conveyor Belt System

With the long conveyor belt, it comes with three drive units which are used to transport objects and materials over extended distances. Unlike the other two conveyor systems, rollers in the long conveyor system are able to handle both vertical and horizontal curves. These belts are known to reach up to over 8 miles or 13 kilometers long. As such, the long conveyor belt system is ideal for use in mining operations.

Selecting The Right Belt System

When in the search for a belt conveyor for use, it is essential that you take into consideration its durability and make. Consider that the design and the material used to make the belt will play a vital role on its performance, life expectancy and ease of maintenance. For example, a woven belt is mostly designed to handle general-purpose tasks; as such, it would not be functional to handle the movement of abrasive and heavy materials. Also, look out for conveyor systems that come with special features that may suite your company.